Sunday, July 10, 2011

Will it be......

A little Baby Boy?? Or a little Baby Girl?? 

Dear "Friend"

My Dearest "Friend,"
I know that you read this blog and sometimes with vindictive intentions. That's ok. I am on to you. Please read. That is quite flattering to me. You care enough to read and pass along my information. My life must be pre-tty interesting.

I want to tell you that I trusted you with everything. I trusted your intentions. I trusted your sincerity. Shame on me. I should have known that you have zero friends for a reason. Yes, please remain silent while you are working. That is the way you were when I met you and frankly, I understand why. You are a foul person. You know that people could sense that about you, I am sure. Not only are you a coward, but you are a liar as well. Title well earned, sister. Nice work. I could go on and on for days about what a horrible person you are. Truly. But, I want you to know that karma will do its job and there is no reason for me to say a word. You are one of those people that speak volumes about yourself by your actions. Words could never do you justice, anyway. I have said my piece. We will leave it at that.