Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas in Utah 2011 and Temple Square

We spent a weekend in Utah to celebrate Christmas with my family. It was my first year not being home for the holidays. However, I am so lucky to have fallen into such a phenomenal family here in Idaho.

It has been a different experience having a man in my life that doesn't mind doing the small things with me.. He is such a trooper. (He puts up with me, and then he puts up with my son and family.) We went to the Salt Lake Temple to look at the lights and went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory with my family. I mean, my entire family. It was really fun to be around them and just relax.

All Bundled up and ready to walk around

Carter, Aunt Katie and Grandpa Rand


My boys with my sister Katie and cousins Ellie, Laynie and River

Our little family

Carter was ready to go home!

My family

Carter and Shane being boys

Our family, and Carter was D.O.N.E being cold

One of my best friends, My Grandpa Al

Carter opening presents at Grandma Leslie's

Opening presents

His favorite..

Special Place in my Heart

Carter had an obsession over the summer with waking up and going outside first thing. He loves to be outside. He threw on his hat and took a ride in the Cozy Coupe. Words cannot express how in love I am with my little 3 year-old. Honestly...How did I ever live without him?

4D Ultrasound

He most definitely has Shane's lips

Not a very good ultrasound picture, but look at those cheeks!

Shane really did say to the ultrasound tech, "Oh my gosh is that his sack?"

His little face is smashed here, but I love that his hand is on his face.   

We decided as part of our Christmas present was to get a 4D Ultrasound of our little man. So we did. Hold on.. it wasn't that easy. Our appointment was at 12:30. He wouldn't move so we could see his face. They tried everything. After 30 minutes of trying, they sent us to get a soda and come back and try. No luck. He still wouldn't turn. The kid loves to be face down in my left hip. It is crazy. So we had to re-schedule for 5:30 that evening. We went back and he was facing us and even showed off a little by sucking his umbilical cord, opening his eyes and sticking out his tongue. I must say, he is pretty cute. He looks a ton like his dad.

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 was spent in Utah with my family. Oh how I have been missing my family...

We ate dinner at my Grandma Hansen's. (Welcome to the family Shane, it is always hectic over there!) It was delicious and I loved the company.

Sydney, Whitney, Shane and I decided to go Black Friday shopping. We hit Wal-Mart (Holy smokes, bad idea) and then Old Navy. We waited in line FOREVER at Old Navy, but got so many cute things for Carter and Boston.
Our Little Family, Thanksgiving 2011