Monday, October 15, 2012

Boston 2 Months

March-May 2012 in a few pictures

Great Grandpa and Grandma Hansen holding Boston for the first time

Easter egg coloring party

My dad and Boston at his blessing

My mom and step dad at Boston's blessing
The Tillotson Boys

Boston's Easter eggs
My mom, Laynie, Carter and Boston at the blessing

The Blessing Boy

Kit and Connie with their grandbabies

Boston 1 Month Old

Well, I guess lets rewind the last 7 months! (Can you believe that he is now 7 months old!?) Having that baby has been the biggest blessing ever. He couldn't have come into our lives at a more perfect time. A few facts about Boston's first month are as follows:
  • I hold him for about 8 hours a day. Shane says that I am ruining him. I think that I am just enjoying him. He is our last baby, so I figured I had better soak this up! 
  • His days and nights were mixed up for the first two or three weeks. That was super fun. I had Shane snoring like a rotting animal in my ear, the baby screaming, I kept getting these horrible night sweats that I was dealing with and I was exhausted to boot. 
  • Boston likes to be laid down to look around. He is so observant. 
  • My family came up to visit us the weekend after he was born, then we went down there the following weekend. 
  • My sweet grandpa Al cried when he held him for the first time. It was so sweet. He is one of the most special people in my life, so to watch him be that in love with my brand new baby was heaven. 
  • Boston had his first Easter with his Brother. We colored eggs and hung out. 
  • To be honest, it was tough remembering my own name. I had such a horrible delivery, lost so much blood, and was sleeping next to nothing. I think that is my body's way of coping. (Forgetting)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Outer Limits

Shane bribed Carter to be a good boy and we would go to Outer Limits. It is like a game/playland place. Anyway... they had a blast until it was time to go.

Carter winning his tickets
Shane had to climb the jungle gym to fetch Carter. (He is going to kill me for posting this!) I was hysterically laughing, Shane was not.

This sums it up...

Here are some random pictures of our little family of 4. Gosh, we are blessed!

Boston 1 month old

The trio

Like Father, Like son

Big Boy clothes, 2 months old

Boston in the backpack going for a walk

First Smiles

Shane bought Carter this as a bribe to get potty trained. Epic Fail.

Shane and Kit bought a dump truck together. The boys HAD to get in it.

With Brothers around, Who Needs Friends?

Carter has been an exceptional big brother. He loves Boston SO much. A little too much... He has been such a sweet helper and so involved. I am happy. I thought he may be jealous. Not the case, at all!

Boston being mauled at 1 week old

My 2 Buzz Lightyears

No comment necessary

My little men

Carter reading to his brother

Carter "helping" feed Boston

Carter meets Boston

This is Our Life

Well, now that life is back to "normal" and I am feeling better, I must continue the blogging experience. Here is a glimpse into the first month or so with Boston home. Holy cow, it has been crazy busy, but we are so happy he is here.
Boston's first bath

My confused little man.. He had his days and nights all wrong!

The Most Chill kid EVER.

Baby Shane, I swear it!

Dad and Boston having a little snooze.

Mom and Boston hanging out.

1 week old

One very in love new daddy

12 hours old

Coming home from the hospital.

About 10 minutes old

One very tired new mom

Look at that hair!

First bath at home

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Boston Shane Tillotson

Our little family of 3 has now become a little family of 4. We are so excited to have this new bundle of joy. Getting him here was a bit of a challenge. A lot of people have asked how labor and delivery went. Well, for record sake and for the curious population, I will share the entire experience.

At 10:30pm on March 5, 2012, I started to have regular contractions. They were anywhere from 1 minute to 4 minutes apart and they were pretty dang painful. I was reluctant to just head in to the hospital, because at my last check up I was only dilated to a 2 and 60% effaced. So we timed them and we waited it out. Carter had gone with his dad (Which was super nice of him to help out for the week) so all we needed was the right time to get our little Boston out. My induction was scheduled for the 7th, so either way Boston was on his way in a decent amount of time. We left for the hospital at 12:30am on March 6th and we got checked in. I had only dilated a little bit more, but was having some pretty intense contractions. They watched me for an hour and decided to keep us and break my water. I got an epidural and family started showing up. (Keep in mind it was about 3:30am by this point.) They started me on pitocin and things moved really fast from there. I was completely dilated by 6:30am and started pushing at about 6:35am.

Patiently waiting for our new little man

Shane was a nervous wreck. The entire time he was watching monitors, checking on me while I went to the bathroom, holding my hands, feeding me ice water... He was great. When the epidural part came, he was a little nervous. He didn't want to be in the room even. But he stayed with me and held on to me. They missed the first time they put the epidural in, so they started over and I thought Shane would have a fit that they were going to have to stick me with that needle again. He watched my blood pressure, he watched Boston's little heart rate. He was just so full of adrenaline, I was worried he would never come back down!

A very anxious daddy..
At 6:53, on March 6th, 2012, our lives were changed forever as we heard our little Boston cry for the first time. I cried like a fool and Shane was overwhelmed with emotion. He had the sweetest little cry. They pulled him out and laid him on my stomach and Shane just stared in awe. (And took pictures as he was instructed to do so..someday I will share them.)

Boston just minutes old
As they whisked my brand new baby away to check him out, we realized we had some trouble brewing. My doctor said I had a prolapsed uterus and a hysterectomy was a possibility if they couldn't slow the bleeding or get the uterus back into place. I didn't realize how much blood I was losing or how serious it was until I saw Shane's face. He asked over and over again, "What is going on? Is she ok?" To which, no one was responding to. The next thing I know, I have a specialist, 2 residents and my own doctor in there trying to help me. I had the anesthesiologist in there trying to administer medications to help my body let my uterus go back into place and nurses everywhere. I remember looking up at Shane and everyone around me kind of faded away and my ears started to ring. I remember the doctor saying, "Women at this point usually lose consciousness due to loss of blood and shock." I remember looking at my blood pressure that was 80/40. They finally got the dust settled and handed me my perfect new baby. When I sat up, everything went black for a second, I started to feel tightness in my chest, nausea, and I began to cough. I looked over and my blood pressure was 71/36 and a whole team of people came running in. They took the baby from my arms and the next thing I remember, I was flat on my back. They made me have a catheter and wouldn't let me sit up. I was so bummed out. All I wanted to do was love my new baby! So the nurse put him in my arms and helped me hold him. A few hours later, they let me sit up and boy was I one happy little mama to be sitting up holding that baby!

I was so sick, but so happy!
They let me move into a wheel chair and go join Shane and the nurses in the nursery for Boston's bath.

Boston's first bath
A proud Daddy

A proud, super helpful big brother (This is the first time he held Boston)

A mom that looks like she has been hit by a truck, but so happy and thankful for her kids
As for the recovery, I am still working on it. I wish I could feel better, but I am still pale and extremely tired. I am thankful to be home with my kids, though!