Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Outer Limits

Shane bribed Carter to be a good boy and we would go to Outer Limits. It is like a game/playland place. Anyway... they had a blast until it was time to go.

Carter winning his tickets
Shane had to climb the jungle gym to fetch Carter. (He is going to kill me for posting this!) I was hysterically laughing, Shane was not.

This sums it up...

Here are some random pictures of our little family of 4. Gosh, we are blessed!

Boston 1 month old

The trio

Like Father, Like son

Big Boy clothes, 2 months old

Boston in the backpack going for a walk

First Smiles

Shane bought Carter this as a bribe to get potty trained. Epic Fail.

Shane and Kit bought a dump truck together. The boys HAD to get in it.

With Brothers around, Who Needs Friends?

Carter has been an exceptional big brother. He loves Boston SO much. A little too much... He has been such a sweet helper and so involved. I am happy. I thought he may be jealous. Not the case, at all!

Boston being mauled at 1 week old

My 2 Buzz Lightyears

No comment necessary

My little men

Carter reading to his brother

Carter "helping" feed Boston

Carter meets Boston

This is Our Life

Well, now that life is back to "normal" and I am feeling better, I must continue the blogging experience. Here is a glimpse into the first month or so with Boston home. Holy cow, it has been crazy busy, but we are so happy he is here.
Boston's first bath

My confused little man.. He had his days and nights all wrong!

The Most Chill kid EVER.

Baby Shane, I swear it!

Dad and Boston having a little snooze.

Mom and Boston hanging out.

1 week old

One very in love new daddy

12 hours old

Coming home from the hospital.

About 10 minutes old

One very tired new mom

Look at that hair!

First bath at home