Monday, August 1, 2011

July 2011

Carter enjoying some cookie dough on the porch.
So, I am sure that everyone thinks I dropped off the face of the Earth. In a way, I sort of did. I have been super consumed with my boys, having the worst morning sickness ever, my job, Idaho state boards, still moving and a few vacations. 

First things first, my men are doing amazing. Shane has been super supportive of my life change, put up with a hormonal roller coaster, pulled the moving vehicle over for me to vomit, been a great role model to Carter and just made me love him more and more every single day. Carter has been playing like a mad man, getting filthy dirty, learned to repeat absolutely everything he hears, become attached to him Mommy in a delightful way, learned how to follow instructions and been my best little buddy. Life is good in little Idaho. I feel so fortunate to have a strong companion and a perfect son. I appreciate everything and everyone here. What a nice change it has been for Carter and me.

Carter is now binky free!! Hallelujah! I never thought we would see the day. In fact, I was trying to muster up a good story to tell his Kindergarten teacher here in the next few years as to why he still had a bink. He has been sober now for 5 days and has not even asked for it once. If he comes back from his dad's with a bink, SO HELP ME........ ;)
One of the last Bink pictures

As for the newest addition, she/he (Or one of each) is growing and making me a SICK woman. However, I was never sick one time with Carter, so I actually have it coming. I feel like being sick is a good sign. I am thankful to vomit the colors of the rainbow and constantly feel like I just exited the tire swing. I am looking forward to our ultrasound and check up next week. I am a worrier... I am sure none of you knew that. Going to the doctor will put my mind at ease. (Shane's too. He is getting a little bit on the eager side.) Carter man is convinced it is a baby sister. A frequent conversation at our house goes as follows:
Carter: Mom, is baby Brooklyn in your tummy?
Me: Carter, there is a baby in my tummy, but we don't know if it is a brother or sister.
Carter: Mom, it's a baby sister. Brooklyn.
Our families are excited, our friends are excited and we could not be happier. We are just simply trying to be patient.


  1. YAY for an update. I wish you weren't so far away but I am happy that you guys are happy. GOod job on Carter's bink - I hope it wasn't too hard on you, since you've been so sick. I love you and miss your face!!

  2. Thanks for sending the nice thoughts my way. I appreciate it!

    So glad to have an update on your little blog. Seems like things are crazy busy, but a good crazy busy...and that's how it should be. txt me soon. luvs