Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas in Utah 2011 and Temple Square

We spent a weekend in Utah to celebrate Christmas with my family. It was my first year not being home for the holidays. However, I am so lucky to have fallen into such a phenomenal family here in Idaho.

It has been a different experience having a man in my life that doesn't mind doing the small things with me.. He is such a trooper. (He puts up with me, and then he puts up with my son and family.) We went to the Salt Lake Temple to look at the lights and went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory with my family. I mean, my entire family. It was really fun to be around them and just relax.

All Bundled up and ready to walk around

Carter, Aunt Katie and Grandpa Rand


My boys with my sister Katie and cousins Ellie, Laynie and River

Our little family

Carter was ready to go home!

My family

Carter and Shane being boys

Our family, and Carter was D.O.N.E being cold

One of my best friends, My Grandpa Al

Carter opening presents at Grandma Leslie's

Opening presents

His favorite..

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