Thursday, May 30, 2013


On January 24, 2013 at about 10:45pm, I was headed into our bedroom to change into my pajamas. This was a normal evening. My back was towards the open doorway, and all night long, Shane had been pacing. We went out to visit Dusty and Hannah, as they had just brought home our new nephew Parker from the hospital. Shane was reserved and very much unsettled. Not grumpy, but almost secluded. I cannot explain it. So, I am standing there in my underwear and bra just picking out pajamas and I hear Shane talking to me. We had been having a lot of sweet, in depth conversations lately about loving each other, so I didn't find it out of the ordinary that he was saying, "Kels, I am so happy that I have you. My life has been so much better with you in it. You have made a man out of me and the future can only hold good things for us." I continued picking out my pajamas and I responded without stopping what I was doing, "I love you too Shane. I am very thankful for you and the man that you are. The kids love you, I love you. Life is going really dang good." As I go to slip my shirt over my head, I hear the words as crisp as they can be heard, "Kelsie, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" Dead in my tracks, I say, "Are you serious right now?" I turned around and realized he was on his knee and had a ring box open and waiting... He said,"That wasn't the response I expected, but will you? My knee is getting tired." I immediately wrapped my arms around him and responded with a very certain, "Yes! I will marry you today!" The ring is amazing. We had looked a lot. He picked it all out by himself. It was nothing that we had really ever looked at, and I love it more than any of the ones I had "picked out."

The only thing that made me any sort of tuned in to what was possibly going to happen in the near future was the fact that the night prior to this, Shane had stayed up with me until 2am talking about the importance of telling our families that we had plans to marry in 2013. During this process, he was sitting on the floor with his head resting on the mattress. It was so awkward. I wondered why he wouldn't come up and get into the bed. (Thought nothing more about it, though.) I was annoyed that I had already told my mom on the morning of January 24th, and he wanted to wait to tell his. I should have known. He had told me from day one he felt it was bad luck to tell people you were getting married without a ring.

I think it took a good 2-3 weeks for reality to even settle in a little bit. I swore I wouldn't get married for "a long time." I guess you just know when you know!

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