Friday, November 18, 2011

Halloween 2011

Do I even need to bother telling you what Carter wanted to be for Halloween? Of course he was Buzz Lightyear. My mom got him a costume in Disney World for his birthday and boy was he excited to be "The real Buzz!"

Carter was with his dad for the weekend prior to Halloween and that is when I would have done pumpkins and sugar cookies. Next year, however, Boston, Carter, Shane and I will be Halloween fools! In place of pumpkin carving, Shane and Carter decided to draw on the tiny pumpkins that Carter wouldn't leave Wal-Mart without.

Carter and me at my grandparents pumpkin patch

inlet/outlet.... Don't ask.

My very own Buzz Lightyear.

My Beetle and My mom

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  1. love the updates, and love the new background. all of your updates are inspiring me to update! ;)