Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's Talk About The Growth

For this entire pregnancy, I have felt completely different than I did with Carter. I mean, I was sick as a dog for the first part, had raging hormones the entire time, measured small from the get-go, had contractions on and off from about 15 weeks, had a toddler to chase, a job to maintain and I have been a walking zombie for 9 solid months. I am happy to say, it is almost over. We are full-term and I am ready to not be pregnant. So whenever he decides to show up, I am going to be beyond excited about it. Everyone keeps asking about my belly. They want to see pictures of how the belly has grown and changed. Let me tell you.. I have some banging hot love handles and I have gained (Respectfully) 18 pounds. So here is the growth...Those of you that think I look small, lets do some comparing. I feel like a small building.

21 weeks
25.5 weeks

27 Weeks

32 Weeks

35ish Weeks

36.4 weeks

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  1. you're so damn cute! Hopefully I look this cute pregnant!!!