Monday, June 6, 2011

24 Years Young

For my 24th birthday, my mom made my sister and me a dinner, my dad made my sister and me a dinner, Shane came down from Idaho so we could go to the Clint Black Concert, Sydney's graduation (Pictures coming soon), my birthday party and meet my entire family. Poor Shane. Hahaha I would dare say that this is the best birthday I have ever had. Thank you to everyone who made my day special.

24 Random Facts About Kelsie
  1. I HATE FEET. They make me freaking sick.
  2. I make nicknames or code names for anyone or anything. If the name or code doesn't make sense to you, it wasn't meant for you to know.
  3. I know the speed limit in Arbon Valley.
  4. I prefer summer over winter.
  5. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July.
  6. I have a phobia of people around me dying...which is weird, because of my job.
  7. I would have 10 babies if they stayed newborns forever.
  8. If I am really tired, beyond exhaustion, I laugh at absolutely everything.
  9. Before I die, I want 15 stickers in my passport.
  10. Carter is my most prized possession.
  11. Eleven is my lucky/favorite number.
  12. I would rather spend time with family and friends. No matter what.
  13. I like to take a ton of pictures.
  14. I would rather have a bithday cake made out of frosting than have any cake at all in it.
  15. I still wish on shooting stars sometimes.
  16. I plan to go camping this year with Carter and Shane. (Heaven help us all...)
  17. I have the strongest sense of smell and hearing. My eyes...not so good.
  18. I used to truly believe in my heart I would always be alone for a lot of reasons.
  19. Of all of the things in my life that I wanted for myself, being a mom is one of the things I knew I could never sacrifice. I love being a mom.
  20. Brand new babies melt my heart, no matter what.
  21. I have realized that no matter what you do in life, someone will have something to say about it. What does that mean to Kelsie? It means do what makes ME happy and what is BEST for my son. FORGET everyone else. (Family/Friends included. If you can't be supportive, I don't even care what you have to say...Seriously.)
  22. I believe in a higher power. God, angels, all of it. I love to think there are people watching over all of us.
  23. If I had to choose eating or sleeping, I will always choose sleeping.
  24. I love Carter Clayton Oxborrow and Shane Kit Lewis Tillotson.

    Party of Three, Please
    First picture all together
    The Girls walking to the Clint Black Concert 2011
    Dani, Kelcie. Spring, myself, Kamille, Brittany, Nicole and Lacey
    My 24th birthday party
    Kelcie and Kelsie
    My 24th birthday party


  1. I had no idea it was your birthday so happy belated birthday! Thanks for the update! :)

  2. Happy birthday! You are the cutest. We really should catch up sometime kels!