Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome [Back] to Junior High

Do you remember in Junior High when you were embarrassed for anyone to see that you had a box of tampons in your locker? Or that you got a note from a "Less Popular Person?" How about when you got called down to Lunch Detention? (Dang Mrs. Zacardi if you went to Lehi Junior High) What about when you went to a Junior High dance and you got asked to slow dance? It was so scary! Remember? Oh how I would never want to relive that experience again..... Junior High kids are so freaking obnoxious. I am so glad that I was never that way. Hormones raging, puberty setting in, first kisses happening left and right....

Sometimes, when I think about my Junior High career, I get that sick feeling. Like, "Please don't make me do that again." belly ache. Then I remember when I got my first boyfriend and how I had butterflies constantly. He would write me the sweetest notes and slip them through my locker slot. He would hold my hand. He would tell everyone, "I am going out with Kelsie." (What does that even mean!?) He was so proud. Haha

Welcome to my life. Shane and I often joke that we are like two Junior High kids. Minus the Junior High. We are so lucky that we have the magic. (=

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  1. junior high..shudder...
    9th grade year was the worst year of my life!