Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happiness is..

Here are a few things that make me happy, in no specific order:
  • Knowing that my parents always have my back, right or wrong.
  • Having friends that I have had for years that remain loyal and want what is best for Carter and me.
  • Learning how to love again, and moving forward fearlessly. Although I thought my life would be a little different than it is, I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • Having a great job with staff that I love and that respect me.
  • Having a son, making me a mother and completing my little soul.
  • Having extended family that is just as close as my immediate family.
  • A long kiss good-bye that used to be a secret, now everyone knows. (Took 9 solid months of detours, crappy dating life and encoutering some real winners..Now I am here and ready!)
  • Chicken enchilada soup....mmmmmm.
  • A long run to relieve stress.
  • The drive to see my man, full of anticipation and excitement. (Ask Dani, she has never seen me such a hot mess.)
  • Knowing that when I tuck Carter in his bed tonight, he has clean sheets.
  • Easter weekend with my family.
  • Waking up to my bestie 2 inches from my face. Yes, she sleeps over almost every night, in my bed. So what?!
  • Feeling the breeze with the windows down in my car.
  • When my mom says in her text messages, "I love u."
  • When my dad says, "I love you Zoooskie."
  • When my step-dad calls me his daughter.
  • When my step-mom lets me know that I can tell her anything and she will understand. She calls me her daughter and I love it.
  • When I get the feeling of moving on.
  • When I get a text message from someone I didn't think I would hear from.
  • When Carter says,"Mommy, you are so pretty."
  • When someone tells me I am a good mom.
  • When I cook a great meal and everyone eats til they are sick.
  • Feeling safe....on a lot of levels.
  • Believing in things that the naked eye can't see.
  • Looking at old pictures and missing the memories tied to them.
  • Seeing Whitney remain happy and positive through treatment. (Whitney is my hero.)
  • When he has my lipgloss on from a long kiss. (Good heavens he looks great in my lipgloss, maybe even better than I do!)
  • When Carter snuggles with me. (Busy 2 year-olds never snuggle.)
  • Laughing until I cry. (Lately it has been a daily occurance.)
  • Thinking about being a mommy again someday.
  • Knowing that someone believes in you.
  • Looking deep into someones eyes.
  • Reading body language when they are telling you the direct opposite.
  • When I close payroll.
  • When I hear a song that is my life. I can almost always find meaning and direct relation to music in my life.
  • When my grandparents talk about the day I was born.
  • When I think about the day I had Carter. There were so many people there to see him. Not a soul in the room could help but grin from ear to ear.
  • Finding a quote that fits me.
  • When I am able to let go of stress; Especially if it has to do with something I can't change.
  • When I completely cross off my list of tasks that I needed to complete that day.
  • When I walk in the house and smell Mr. Clean, Bleach, Lysol and Laundry Detergent.
  • A sweet little note from someone I care about.
  • Chocolate.
  • Getting a massage.
  • Coloring with sidewalk chalk.
  • When I can be the voice of reason for my friends.
  • When my friends and family can be the voice of reason for me.
  • Whitney cancer-free and healthy.
  • Sunkissed skin, a swimming suit, a pool, my baby and a hot summer day.
  • The smell of his Lucky cologne.
  • Christmas time with the people that I love.
  • A wet, dirty little boy kiss. (From Carter only, please!)
  • Positive affirmation when I need it the most.
  • Music on my ipod.
  • The color pink. It truly warms my soul.
  • Brand new babies. I love new babies. And Kids.


  1. you're a bloggin' fool lately and i am likin' it! You seem happy and I'm happy for you.

  2. Loving the frequency too! Hmmmmm, who is this "he" you speak of???

  3. Aw ladies, Thank you! This "He" is my manfriend. :) He is great! Different story this time around. :) See pic below for who he is.

  4. I love this list! Kelsie, you ARE awesome! You give 150% in everything you do. You're so great!

    PS Thanks for coloring my Easter eggs today at work. You pretty much rock.