Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Sweet Escape

Dani and Kelsie + Road trip to Idaho + Our first time out of the state of Utah (Dani and I) together + Announcing the new couple + Awesome tunes + Some late night hot tubbin' + 10 outfit changes for a one night trip = The Sweet Escape

God bless Idaho. It may never be the same. (:

April 16-17th, 2011

Inside jokes that we visited this trip:
"Dani, we are drawing unwanted attention to ourselves. Wait til that car passes."
"Girl, you give me butterflies....Butterflies, keeping me awake.... early in the morning."
"Kelsie, I am going to bed. Right now. Or I am going to sleep in my car and I am not kidding. It's a hell no. Help."
"Who died and made you king of anything?"
"Dani, we are not allowed to talk about it right now. If so, you owe me a pedicure and I will promise the same. Shut it up. Hurry."
"Google it, A-hole."
"BW and the hound end tonight. You hear me?"
"Kelsie, He LOVES you. Oh my goodness. He LOOOOOOVES you."
"Ummm, trap shooting??"

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