Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lost in Translation

So, If you know me at all, you know that I am a little uneducated when it comes to certain terms. I am working on it. Just have a few examples that made me smile. 

Last weekend, I went to Idaho to spend some time with Dani in her hometown and Shane. On the way home, Dani wanted to swing into her parents house to say bye. So we pull up and her mom says, "Your dad isn't here. He is down trap shooting. Go say bye to him down there." (Picture a horrible look on my face...) So I said, "Trap shooting?" This is what I had in my head..... Poor little animals getting caught in a trap and then released at the same time so that these men could shoot at them. Makes perfect sense.... Trap shooting. Right?

Trap shooting is the same thing as shooting clay pigeons. You go to a little shooting range area, thingie, someone or something shoots the clay pigeons and the men shoot at them. Way to go, Kelsie. I made a complete idiot of myself.
 This is where they shoot.

 This is what they shoot.

It's fine. Now I know, right?
Next item of business I was uninformed of is the term "Foo Foo." Conversation went like this:
Shane: Oh my hell it smells like foo foo in here. 
Me: (Didn't want him to know I had no clue what he meant) Oh, yea. It does huh.....??
Here is what I had pictured in my head.......

I'm thinking to myself, "Good heavens. My car must stink. It smells like a bunny!" (Little Bunny Foo Foo)
A few minutes later, Kody, Shane's uncle walks up to my car window. Conversation went like this:
Kody: Oh my good hell it smells like a woman's car in there.
Shane: I know! It smells like Foo Foo so bad in here! 
Here is what I gathered from these men talking back and forth; Foo Foo is girl smells. 
Who would have thought? 
Kelsie's Foo Foo:

Just thought that I would look back in a few months and laugh at these terms. I will be used to them in no time. :)  Even though neither of these terms actually make sense.

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