Monday, April 25, 2011

Know. Hope. Believe

Here we go again with the lists.. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge list maker. I know, you think I am weird. However, there is something so liberating about making a  huge list and crossing things off. I love it. Carrying on...

10 things I Know are as follows:
  • If I sleep for 4 hours or 13 hours, I am the same amount of exhausted. I swear, I am always tired. Thankfully, I am still happy when I'm sleepy.
  • To everything there is a season. Things come and go, people change and that is the perfect opportunity to make changes and adjustments to our lives.
  • I love Carter more than I have ever loved a single thing. It is a special kind of love, that you only have as a mom.
  • For every Jack there is a Jill, and for every Jill there is a Jack.
  • I am not always going to live in Utah. I have always known that.
  • My favorite food will always be anything mexican. Love it!
  • They say you'll know when you know, and I KNOW. (:
  • I am going to do a river run this summer.
  • I am going to go to some concerts this summer.
  • I know something or someone named Joey. (Inside Joke)
10 things I Hope are as follows:
  • Everything makes sense someday.
  • Everyone can experience happiness that I do every single day.
  • My family and friends know how important they are to  me and how much I love them.
  • I can complete my bucket list before I die.
  • I can learn how to make cake balls this week so I can take them to my man.
  • I am being a good Mom to Carter.
  • I can remember everything I need to for finals week.
  • Whitney's next lab draws and scans come back better.
  • That I will get married again and have a baby someday.
  • When I learn how to ride horses this week, I don't die.
10 things I Believe are as follows:
  • I wouldn't be the wife (Future), mom, companion, friend or person that I am today had I not lived the last year the way I did.
  • There is a lesson to be learned in every trial we go through.
  • I am going to have the best summer yet!
  • My girls Dani and Jo are going to make it through their trials alright.
  • Whitney will be cancer free this time next year.
  • I am going to be 10 lbs lighter by my birthday.
  • speaking of birthday....who wants to go to Vegas for it? I will be there!
  • Life will never be easy. Get used to it.
  • Carter is going to be a little gentlemen when he "Grows up."
  • Clayton has my blessing in whatever he does in life as long as Carter is taken care of.


  1. I love the lists! I think I am going to do one too! :]]

  2. I LOVE this. I think I might steal it one of these days when I have time!