Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun For Carter

Carter is pretty dang interested in poop. I don't understand it. He goes outside and looks around for dog poop in the lawn. Whatever... So I filled up a squirt gun for him yesterday. What do you think he wanted to go shoot? Freaking poop! So we went out and hunted for dog poop for him to shoot. (We don't shoot people or dogs. Ask him about that...)

Poop Hunting, Shooting his water gun at the poop

 We also went and played with Ayden and Kylee yesterday. Kylee and I have been friends for going on 9 years now (Holy smokes) and the boys are 6 months apart. They fight so bad. Oh man. So bad. Like Brothers. It was amazing when it went quiet for a second. I peeked around the corner to see this....

Carter and Ayden in the Pack and Play together. They put themselves there.

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