Friday, May 20, 2011

Vision Board

So, as most of you know, I did a little post divorce counseling. I was afraid I would never be an honorable wife, mother or companion ever again. While there, it was suggested to me that I make a Vision Board. I am finally doing it. A dear friend of mine also believes in vision boards. All it does is give you a visual aid of things that you want in the future, where you were in the past and whatever else you want. They are fun! I am going to be presenting my board as a guest speaker to current patients for the company that I went through as a patient. Here is the beginning of my vision board...

Bottom left corner is the corner of shame. ;) It talks about the battle I faced. I was devastated and then faced some serious medical complications related to the broken heart. No one understands until you are there. So there is a picture of a co-worker and me. I put it there so I remember what I never want to look like again. I weighed 101.3 lbs the day of that picture.

Just above the broken heart clipping is a picture of my sister Sydney, Whitney and I. They were my saving grace through all of it. They will never know how much they helped me stay sane. Just above that is a picture of my friends and me on a night we went out. They also saved me more than they will ever know.

The top of the poster and down the right side have pictures of the men I love, Carter and Shane, as well as some pictures of things that I want in the future. (Remember, no timelines or specific order here.) These things are as follows:
  • A home and a new living room set
  • A wedding ring. Yep. I actually want to get married again.
  • A new baby, a brother and/or sister for Carter.
  • Bye Bye Binkie clipping 
  • A picture of a beach
  • Butterfly stickers, which have significant meaning to a dear friend and I
  • A clipping that says Teenage Dream (Shane knows why I love this so much...back when we first started secretly dating, every once in a while I would send a text message that had a line or two of the song Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and he would send me back the next line or two.)
  • Pictures of these two men that I absolutely adore
As you can see, I am much more evolved than I used to be. (Thank heavens) I am so glad that I am able to recognize the things that were happening in my life and correct them before something serious happened. I am also thankful for the fact that I may be able to help other people by telling my personal story. Lastly, I am thankful for second chances. I am so lucky that the people around me were so patient; Especially my immediate family, Carter and Shane.

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  1. I love that you are doing this. I recently made one for a pyschology class. It was extremely hard to do...bringing up the past and recognizing your deepest faults is hard...bc you are actually admitting them outloud.

    I get where you are coming from with the weight thing. When I called off our engagement (where our 9 month break comes in) I weighed 97lbs fully clothed. I guess I secretly liked it...but unhealthy nonetheless (:

    I love you and your blog!