Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In case You Need a Laugh

Let's reminisce about my conversation with Shane the other day. It's story time... It is a good one. Picture this. Shane, Kody (Shane's Uncle) and Kit (Shane's Dad) sitting around the table having some morning coffee. Regular occurrence. I got this story secondhand, so forgive me if the details aren't completely accurate.

Kody: Shane how much do you weigh these days?
Kit: Why don't we just ask Kelsie?
Shane: Smug look on his face....followed by the devious little laugh he does. I am sure he said something, but he left it out of the story.

Rewind.....Why in the world would I know how much Shane weighs? Honestly. I am not his mother. (Do mothers even need to know how much their kids weigh?) I know nothing about it. Beeeeli-eve me! I am completely innocent. Last time I checked, I am not a scale. (:

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