Monday, May 16, 2011


One month ago to the day, I took a drive to Idaho, as well as a complete leap of faith. Shane had no clue if I would show up or not. (Freaking Latitude sold me out..) When I left Utah, I had no idea if I would come back happy, sad, mad, ok...I really had no expectations. All I knew is I had to say something. I think over the course of time, I will be able to actually articulate the entirety of the "Kelsie/Shane saga." Shane would really appreciate it if I kept some of the details quiet. :) Yea, Shane.....See. Trap. Closed. All I will say, and this is directed to the people that truly don't know the details or who live in Lava and have Shane's version, it is not what you think it is. I owed Shane a huge, sincere apology. He can call it what he wants. I know he does. It's ok. He knows how it all shook out. History is all I have to say. So lets take a walk down memory lane...

It all started in a little place called Lava Hot Springs, "Where the beer flows like wine." (Name that movie!)

I met a kid that knows how to do this

Who has binoculars and Black Ice air freshners.

Special spot on the way back from town.

Where it all started.....
I don't really understand how this happens to someone, but I am head over heels and it is the best. Again, I will someday tell all, but for now, I just want to be happy and love that little turd the way he deserves.


  1. O buddy the wagonwheel is the shit! I know you really go to watch the band that always plays!

  2. I want the story! :) I need your e-mail or # since
    I no longer have Facebook!!