Friday, May 13, 2011

I Stand Corrected

Dearest Better Half and His Padre,
You guys think you are comedians. Really, I am going to beat both of your butts. I am holding both of you completely responsible for my lack of knowledge. I am over here worried about how I am going to manage on a horse and you guys are laughing that I said “Cow Balls.” I will not apologize. Give me a break. I am a city girl. If you want me to know that cows and bulls are two different things, you are going to have to tell me. Ignorance is bliss. (Usually)

As for my better half, if you continue to tease me and keep me uneducated for your amusement, I am going to put a snake in your shoe. You know the movie Toy Story? Woody says, “There’s a snake in my boot!” Well, you are going to be saying, “There’s a snake in my K-Swiss!” (Psssst…My eyes are green.)

Padre, If you think this is a joking matter, I am going to paint your nails hot pink in your sleep and put a pink kiss print sticker on the back of that sexy new ride. Think I’m kidding? Try me…

All my Love,

These are Shane’s Pants. Let me tell you what, I love that I fit in one leg. Makes me feel small. (:

My Pants, Shane’s Pants. Love to see the comparison. Again, it makes me feel small and I like it.

What I have been doing in my spare time

Sydney went to Prom over the weekend

13 inch Difference

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