Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy _ _th Birthday, Rand!

Today is my step-dad's _ _th birthday. Yes, I actually know how old he is. I just feel as though he may not appreciate me casting it out there for the entire world to read. (Ok, I am not that cool, but this blog is accessible to the entire planet. Gotta be careful!)

So, happy _ _th birthday, Rand. Carter and I love you so much. Over the past year, you have been nothing but an advocate for the happiness and well-being of Carter and me. To me, that is bigger than anything and more amazing than most. You are such a sweet, loving grandpa to my most prized possession and I am eternally grateful. You are hands down the best step-dad EVER and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. May this year feel like you are 29 again...same as the last few birthdays you've had. We love you!

Carter's first Birthday Party

Disneyland 2007

Randy and his boys a few years ago.... Probably 2001?

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  1. Haha...n'sync! Good that big blue shaggin' waggin'! K you never responded to my last comment?!? What's going on with your life? Are you in school? And do you live in lehi?