Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why We Don't Eat Stickers

Carter has a big coloring book that has some stickers in the back of it. Nothing weird there. So, he was sitting at the counter a few months back coloring. He came across the sticker page. He delightfully started sticking them all over in his coloring book. I am not a mom that really cares what he does with his coloring books. If he wants to use all of the stickers in one shot, fine. So Carter is coloring and sticking stickers in his book, I am running around doing stuff around the house. Ali and Sydney were visiting with my dad in the kitchen. Next thing I know, Carter stuck a sticker in his mouth and was choking on it. I see Sydney pick him up and Ali start to help him get the sticker out. I run over there just in time for Carter to throw up this sticker. (It was a Mater sticker, in case you were wondering.) That sends Sydney into a dry heaving episode and Ali was even a little grossed out. We all cleaned up the floor and I took Carter to the bath. When he came back, I said, "Carter, why don't we eat stickers?" His sweet little reply, "Because I choted."

I love the way he says things.

Carter in the back seat with Stickers all over his face

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